A Snapshot of the Kids on our Waiting List


Tom is eight years old.  He's been waiting for a Big Brother for over a year.  He loves the outdoors and wants to be a forest ranger one day. He has never met his father and would benefit from a positive male role model.  


Suzie is 11 and she loves to chat!  She is always thinking up new and creative ways to express herself through clothing and design! She'd like a Big Sister who loves art  and creativity.  Her mom passed away when she was young and she longs for a trusted female to look up to.  


Megan is a quiet 12 year old who likes to take life in stride.  She's a book worm and loves to explore the world through language and theater.  Her older brother suffers from addiction and she worries about his future.  She would love someone to share her love of reading with and just to talk to.


Charles is 14.  He likes to crack a good joke and doesn't take life too seriously.  He doesn't always feel confident in his own abilities because school just "isn't his thing" but he loves to work with his hands and wants to be a mechanic or carpenter when he graduates.