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Meet Jenna and Jaelyn (pictured below)

“Jenna gives me the courage to try new things and to be brave and go out and do what I put my mind to. And, also to try my hardest in everything I do. She has taught me so many things, and I am always happy when I am with her.”


Who were the mentors in your life? How did they help you achieve your goals? How would your life be different if your mentors had not invested in you? 


During this season of giving thanks, we ask you to honor the mentors in your life by supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vermont’s Thankful Giving Campaign.


Every dollar raised provides youth statewide with a trusted, supportive, and caring adult mentor to unlock their full potential and give them the confidence they need to dream BIG! 

While we matched more children in 2023 than in any recent year, over 100 children remain on our waiting list for a BIG.


Pass on the legacy of mentorship and honor the mentors in your life by donating today.

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