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Invest in the Youth of Vermont and... Ignite Potential!


2023 Spring Appeal 


"People often ask me how I know I am making a difference in Trinity’s life. I know because of what she chooses to talk about with me. I know that she places value in what I have shared with her – my advice and counsel, my life experiences, and my insights into her life and the issues she confronts daily. I hear my words coming back to me, and they are not just parroted; they are internalized. She is actively using our conversations to make positive life decisions". - Elizabeth Bull, Big Sister

Did you know that there are 150 children on the waiting list in Vermont to receive a Big? Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vermont is determined to meet this need, but we need YOUR help to accomplish this lofty goal.


Pictured above: Meet Trinity who has been matched with her Big, Elizabeth (right) for the past 6 years!  

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